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In addition to our localization services we now

also offer the following IT services:

Website Design

Website Design & Maintenance

Server Administration

Back-up Services

Programming Solutions

Maintenance Solutions

Internet Marketing

SEO Services

Newsletter Mail-Outs

Website Design

The first impression of your website counts!

Customers will search for information about your products and services online. This is why your online presence is a decisive factor in your success. We will design your website to show your company in its best light, and will develop your site from on-screen mock-ups up to the last lines of code according to your requirements.

We focus on barrier-free web design and also optimize your website for mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhone and tablets according to your requirements.

We offer the following add-on services:

Extensive consultation on the best website for your business

Technical design, programming and implementation of your website

Improvement of an existing website or web design

Specialists in content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Typo3

Specialists in blogging platforms such as Wordpress

Specialists in online shopping systems such as Oxid eSales, XT:Commerce, Gambio, Magento, Shopware

Consideration of usability and SEO in our designs

Barrier-free web design

Web hosting and domain services

Social media marketing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube and co.)

Search engine marketing (SEM, Google AdWords optimization)

We use ASP, ASPNet, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JSON, XML, JavaScript, jQuery and more

Web design with content management systems

A content management system is a software program that helps you to manage your own website and have all relevant publication types for the Internet at your fingertips.

Modern CMS like Joomla or Wordpress allow you to create a search-engine friendly structure for your content and allow you to easily collect user statistics. In addition, CMS allow you to restrict access for certain user groups or employees.

We create modern CMS solutions and offer additional plans to keep your content up to date so that your CMS is always best protected from attacks.

What do your customers want to see and what don't they?

We can collate information on the behavior of users of your website. Through evaluation of this data, we can carry out relevant improvements. Via long-term monitoring and reporting, we can study user behavior and use it to optimize your sales strategy.

Web sites optimized for smartphones, iPhones and tablets

The boom in the mobile sector has created new challenges for web design. Lower data transfer rates and small cellphone screens change the user experience on mobile devices.

Depending on the website content, there are different ways to react to this.

'Responsive' websites that automatically adapt themselves to the screen size of the cellphone or specially optimized cellphone templates which load automatically and make the most important themes of your website accessible.

We will perfectly optimize your site for use on all mobile devices.

Website Design & Maintenance

We would be happy to take on the maintenance of your website and can manage it directly via your host, on your server or we can even host you on our own servers!

Server Administration

We will happily take over the complete management of your servers or offer you complete administration of your data / websites / VPN solutions on our own server. Please contact us here for an offer that's tailored to your needs.

Back-Up Services

These days, creating daily back-ups is important. Hackers, malware or other external causes can lead to a total loss of data. We can take over the back-up of your data if you have requested server administration services from us. Backups will take places on a nightly schedule, so that server performance is not affected.

Programming Solutions

We will happily take on the programming of your software, websites and/or apps. Contact us with your project requirements – we speak almost all programming languages!

Maintenance Solutions

A smooth process guarantees you a larger customer base and smooth operations. We can carry out the maintenance of your servers, websites and software solutions. We are happy to work out an appropriate maintenance solution together with you.

Internet Marketing

Targeted Internet marketing can increase your revenues and support your sales strategy. Let us integrate GoogleAdWords and social media campaigns into your strategy and you can not only raise your profile but also win new customers.

SEO Services

Contact us for special offers.

Newsletter Mail-outs

We'd love to prepare your newsletter, in several languages if desired, and distribute it via your server, or our own.

Reliable mail-out: 99.9% delivery rate

Quick mail (up to 3 million e-mails / hour)

Secure mail using verification (CSA, Return Path, DDV) Personalized mail

Personalized vouchers

Free test newsletter mail-out and responsive design Timed mail and automatically triggered mail

Google AdWords

Internet marketing with Google AdWords

Over 92% of worldwide Internet users use the World Wide Web via search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search engines are therefore a particularly key source of potential customers.

Our search engine marketing allows your company to effectively address your target market in the form of text and pictures.

Your adverts will be placed in highly visible positions based on certain keywords (e.g. Google AdWords will place you on the first page on Google). Through the use of efficient marketing management it's possible to effectively and sustainably place your company in an excellent position and to bring your products and services to a wide range of interested customers.

Continuous control over the success of your campaigns, the evaluation of statistics and the optimization of your ads is at the foreground of search engine optimization.

Choice of ad spaces and campaigns

Compiling various marketing campaigns is the key to success and can be scaled to suit the situation.

An overview of our services:

Planning of individually tailored online campaigns for your company

Analysis and optimization of ongoing campaigns

Targeted advertising aimed at your target market

Selection of types of adverts and where to display them

Creation of advertising messages and text

Evaluation and control of the campaign performance

Broad spectrum statistics regarding success and response rate

Creation of landing pages

Landing pages aim to present an optimal website to the user as part of targeted advertising campaigns.

When advertising a certain product, for example via Google AdWords, we won't lead your potential customers to the homepage, but directly to the relevant product page (in this case, the landing page).

Landing pages are a highly effective way of increasing your conversion rate.

Web hosting

With our Enterprise Web Hosting, we offer exclusively high-quality and high-performance servers for your website, as well as taking on your hosting, in collaboration with our very own maintenance or management solutions. Data is saved on our brand-new and high-tech systems and offers optimal data security.

We offer a 24/7 server monitoring service, so that any disruptions are recognized early and can be dealt with quickly. Regular data back-ups also take place to offer the greatest protection against loss of data.

The servers are secured against attacks with a Windows or Linux-based firewall.

Our web hosting offers:

Domain hosting

Web hosting

Mail hosting

Virtual servers (VPS)

24/7 server monitoring

System firewalls

Online Shops

Efficient Online Shops

Open your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Online shopping is rapidly overtaking conventional shopping. Over 80% of Internet users in Europe and around 95% in the USA regularly use online shops.The advantages are clear. Orders can be made quickly and simply around the clock from all over the world. Pricing in online shops is often more attractive than in a physical shop. Customers can inform themselves about products and compare reviews.

For our business clients, we can create successful online shops that are optimally placed via SEO, offer flexible payment options and work reliably and effectively even with large customer numbers or amounts of product data.

As your provider for e-commerce and online shops, we offer you:

Planning and advice

A choice of shopping software such as Oxid eSales, Magento, Shopware, Gambio or xt:Commerce, etc.

Installation and configuration of your online shop

Individual designs according to your requirements and corporate design

Preparation of your goods and products for sale

Integration of additional modules or export modules

Integration of inventory control systems

Shop certifications (Trusted Shop, TUV certification, ...)

Integration of encryption and security measures

Integration of modern payment solutions such as PayPal, Giropay, etc.

Payments and transactions should be safe, fast and easy. The acceptance of online payment methods such as PayPal, Giropay or Google Wallet is rapidly increasing.

The choice of payment methods plays a role alongside the range of products on offer, whether you sell across Europe, internationally or just domestically.

We will take over the choice of the appropriate payment provider and the full integration with your website or online shop.

Which online shop is the right one?

To successfully sell goods online, shop software with a clear structure and easy-to-use interface is the minimum standard.

E-commerce online shops like Oxid eSales, xt:Commerce, Magento or Shopware not only enable sales in themselves, they also allow the management of orders, customer groups and of course a wide choice of articles.

Give us your requirements and we will create the ideal online shopping solution for you.

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