Our company aims to provide flawless professional language

translation services with good quality translation.

Our translations are built from highly qualified mother tongue

speakers in the appropriate area of expertise. Thus, a distinct

feeling for language as well as the knowledge about the

linguistic usage flows into the translation.

Consequently, our translations give consideration to nationality and culture. This also includes

translations in Asiatic and oriental languages ex. typeface. Because of this, our translations are always in high-quality.

➢Legalization and Notarization

At Wagner Consulting, we understand that in order to carry out business activities or be employed or go into education abroad, some documents require prior legalisation by the FCO to attest to their provenance for use abroad. And this is exactly what our legalisation services are designed to assist you with. Under this service we attach an apostille on your document, so it is officially accepted abroad.

Wagner Consulting can help you attain apostilles for a variety of documents such as birth certificates, company documents, marriage documents, power of attorney and others. In addition to this, we also assist clients with notarisation services. If you need your personal or commercial documents to be notarised for legal purposes, we can provide you with a notarial certificate, affixed to the translation by our recognised Notary Public partners

➢Editing and Proofreading

We have a team of experienced and skilled editors and proofreaders who work with full dedication and strive hard to make sure your academic or business documents read well and are error free. Our editors have the real eye for detail and offer you quality guidance to help you craft your message flawlessly for your target audience.

Our team prepares documents on MS Word using the ‘Track Changes’ feature. From flagging contextual errors and terms that raise doubts to improving phrasing, eliminating grammatical and syntax errors to correcting spelling mistakes, we make sure your document reads perfectly.


Looking for a specialist who can help trigger emotions, stir excitement and penetrate into new markets? Then look no further! Wagner Consulting is a proven partner when it comes to bridging communication gap. From linguistic adaptations which includes idiomatic expressions and style to physical adaptations like change in measurement standards to cultural adaptations such as change in colours, icons, symbols, and business adaptations. such as different levels of protection to trademarks, copyright and patents. We can help you adapt your business message according to your target audience and that’s a promise we keep!

➢ Rewriting and updating of documents

We have the expertise to rewrite text into one that is perceived by readers and even search engines as both unique and new. Give us the opportunity to update and rewrite your text. We can give your business content a fresh and a new look, improvise it and deliver your message with a powerful impact. All document rewriting assignments are carried by native translators.


Tap new markets by availing our localisation services. At Wagner Consulting, we provide you with top quality localisation services with a creative touch. We help you adapt your brand communication, website, software, apps and text to appeal to your target market segment-giving it a more local “look and feel.”


Build a strong global presence by benefitting from our internationalization services. This is the process where we help you prepare your business content/ software applications for a global market so that they can be easily adapted to various other languages and regions without any engineering needs.


Want to increase your market outreach? Striving to become global leaders? Want to surpass all cultural and communication barriers? Then avail our globalisation service. Under this service, we edit text and documents removing any country and culture specific terms that may serve as obstacles in your business communication. We strive to help you revise your brand message in such a way that it has maximum effect in as many countries as possible.

➢Terminology data base creation, translation memory alignment and term base management

This service is designed to help clients make use of previous translations. Under this service, we convert previously translated documents into translation units which are then added to your translation memory. In other words, it allows you to create a database of translations saving you time and money in the long run.

➢ Transcription and transcreation

At  Wagner Consulting, we are pros at both transcription and transcreation services. Whether you want your videos/audios to be transcribed in the exact manner, word by word, or you want to give make it more creative, we are here to help. We have the expertise to translate content, adapt material for a given target audience instead of merely translating it; while ensuring that the original meaning, style and tone of the content is maintained.   


At Wagner Consulting, we also offer transliteration services to both individuals and business clients. This service focuses on converting text from one script to another.

➢DTP, graphic and web design, camera-ready artwork

Under this service, we help you design and complete your documents as sleek and polished presentations with cultural adaptation. We offer multi-lingual typesetting for both online and print ready material including flyers, newsletters, brochures, web graphics and etc. Our DTP specialists and graphic designers are experienced in working with a number of applications including Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker, InDesign, Flash, Illustrator and more.

➢Technical writing

Technical writing is probably the most difficult area of translation specialty typically because it demands quality, and high exactitude. And we are proud to be recognised as one of the best in business when it comes to technical writing. We have a team of skilled and quality focused technical translators which helps us offer excellent technical writing services with guaranteed accuracy to our clients. Our technical translation service expertise extends across a wide range of sectors including engineering, finance, manufacturing and IT.

➢Pre- and post-editing

Under this service. we first pre-edit your document before it goes through Machine Translation to improve the raw output quality. This helps eliminate the post editing workload. Once the document is machine translated. it is edited again by an experienced editor to improve the automated translation and bring it to human like level.

Subtitling and voice-over

‘It’s not just what you say but also how you say it”. And this is why you can’t compromise on your voice-over artist for your business ads, videos and audios. Hiring a native voice over artist helps communicate content in a way that resonates with theaudience. A native voice-over artist can deliver content in the right accent, tone and style effortlessly At Wagner Consulting, we can provide you native voice over artists and help you convey your brand message with a greater impact. We can also specialize in subtitling making the verbal content much easier to understand for your audience.

Review and/or revision of translations from third parties

Our other areas of specialization include review/revision of translations from 3rd parties. Benefit from our multilingual revision and review services to correct document inaccuracies and ensure that all documents are consistent, and free from errors.


Translating a document that has once been translated back to its original language requires skills of explication, accuracy and great expertise. We pride in being back-translation specialists. This service is ideal to verify content especially to satisfy legal/regulatory requirements.

Wagner Consulting also specializes in:

➢Language and culture consultancy; terminology concordance

➢Alignment of bilingual parallel texts

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